[MH] Kawaks 1.64 - Collection

Hey all,

Well, while we wait for our site owner's final decision to come, I thought to myself: Well, let's just at least give you guys something positive to look for in the meantime.

And so, with that idea, I present to you the latest Kawaks emulator with all known romsets integrated and pre-configured to avoid all headaches!


Here you have it, grab your downloads here:


As Ben (DM) posted in June about DGEmu going to a "forum-only" website, I am here to provide some additional information.

Ben hasn't been active since a few days after that post in June so we have been unable to finalise the transition.

Therefore we are not making the move for an undetermined amount of time, so you still have time to spend your DPs, GPs and get FREE ROMs (ROMs under 30MB are still free at no cost), just be aware we will TRY to give you warning about the move but can't guarantee this, it might be sudden with no warning.

I am also taking this opportunity to remind everyone that while we are going to a forum-only style we WILL count to provide the public with ROMs, that's right, we will NOT be hosting them ourselves like we currently do but we will be uploading them to file-sharing websites and providing you with the links.  These uploads will be from DGEmu staff meaning you can guarantee just like now that they are virus free.  We previously said this in the Comments section of the June announcement but it seems few read this and are aware of it.  It wasn't announced at the same time as our staff were still discussing it but we agreed to continue making DGEmu a place to visit for everyone.

We have some ideas about linking to these file-sharing sites, for until we move we can't look into these ideas further, just know that we are looking to offer a better service.

[Music] Lunatyc Records - Silent Night, Magus Night


Hey guys,

A quickie update! I have a friend here that mixed up 3 Touhou songs, and did a really good job at it. For those looking for some new music to expose their ears to, head on to the topic here to listen, download, and buy the CD if you want!


Support the western community for Touhou!! And for those that didn't know, Comiket 88 is ongoing, and Touhou 15 is now released!! Gotta have fun with some danmaku on my end once I can get my hands on it. :)


Rom Requests and Other News

Hey all,

Been a little while since I last updated. You may or may not know, but I've been working in the background to retrieve and setup large romsets, possibly owning even more ROMs than DGEmu hosts themselves. My goal? To continue to supply you with a reliable source of ROMs. :)

For the time being, I'm plenty sure there are romset completionists out there such as myself, seeking to preserve the history of video games in digital format. For such, it is hard (very hard) at times to find certain obscure roms that was dumped. So for that, I have created a new thread where I'm accepting requests for roms, as well as offer for help in completing such romsets!

Find the thread here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/481684-request-no-intro-romsets/

Also, I'm working on alternatives to hopefully keep the DGEmu Radio going once we move. Although it doesn't seem to be as popular as I ever hoped for, I do notice a few users going through them to enjoy the music and such. For those, I will try my best to not deprive you of such a function!

So yeah, for the members of our site solely here for our clean and reliable roms, don't lose hope! Because I sure won't. :)


DGEmu going forum-only by September 1st

Hey guys.. after years (over 16 years!) of running DGEmu it appears like it's main purpose is no longer needed.. back in the days it was either some Japanese forums or mIRC so I opened DGEmu to fill a huge gap I personally had (was 13-14-ish and LOVED gaming) so I started DGEmu and it immediately had huge traffic and huge user base and I absolutely loved it and devoted myself to it and life was awesome!! then the years passed and along came kazaa then torrents and we the rise of megaupload and rapidshare more and more ROMs sites popped up as they didn't have to store stuff themselves..

I think by now there are more than enough sources much better than DGEmu to get your ROMs from, they may contains more ads or induce a few more clicks but there are enough clean sources you can download ROMs from that keeping DGEmu alive with all the server and infrastructure behind it makes no more sense..


This has been rolling around the staff table for a few months and I had several virtual life threats from forum staff members to at least keep the forum alive so sometime between August and September DGEmu will be moved to a forum-only mode on a different (non-dedicated) server..


In the meantime you're free to enjoy and download all you want :P 

The Time Has Come...

...for the availability of 2 epic soundtracks in the download center! Now both available for download without any GPs, time to get your downloading gears on the go!

Listen and download here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/481668-banjo-kazooie-everything-and-the-kitchen-sink/

Listen and download here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/481669-super-smash-bros-for-nintendo-3dswii-u-%E2%99%AA-a-smashing-soundtrack/

Note that there is a new password associated with the Smash soundtrack, so please refer here to the second password to extract it: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/forum-351/announcement-87-guide-get-and-use-files-from-the-download-center/



Update In DGEmu Radio

Hey all!

Been a while. I've made a change in the DGEmu Radio section to now support downloads that require no GPs at all, but are ad-supported downloads. This will be great for those that are too poor to afford the downloads, and for guests that visit also!

The first album to receive this kind treatment is the Pokémon X Y Super Music Complete! Follow the link below to grab it:

More albums will start transitioning to this mode soon!


Nice Live Action Touhou PV

Hey guys!

A quick update, to help one of my fellow Canadians get to know their new live action PV dedicated to our love for Touhou.

Some of you on this site probably know about Touhou, so why not go have a look and see for yourself!


ROMs up to 30MB are now Free for EVERYONE.

Hey guys. After almost 2 months with free 15MB ROMs I've decided to stretch the limits again and double that size.

So now you guys can catch 70% of our NDS section, almost none of the 3DS (see nintendoisos.com for that) and 99% of the rest of the site..


Not entirely sure what path dgemu will take as PayPal freezed our account and won't let us take donations but until we decide, you guys should enjoy some dg-awesomeness ;)

DGEmu Radio Update!

Hey all!

It's about time an update came to that section. Hand-picked songs from Johnny's agency, this album will be dedicated to all boy bands, towards possibly all fangirls out there? Doesn't mean guys can't enjoy them though. :)

So head on to the download center to download them / listen to them!


Listen here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/481622-dgemu-j-music-compilation-23-you-tachi/