Hi again!

PS1 section out of my collection is now fully online! More games that I'm testing will be coming along in the week, as well as a few more GameCube games!

The PS2 and Xbox 360 sections will be slowly filled during the course of next month, so stay tuned for even more awesomeness!


Easter Monday Update!!


Hey all!

I hope you had a nice little Easter with your families and friends, filled with lots of fun and chocolate! I was busy for the whole day myself, and thus why I'm finding myself posting this on the following day also...

Hina here will be helping with the cleanup on Easter Monday, and with that, she found tons of GPs locked away. So I'm glad to announce that all current members of DGEmu just received 2000 GPs for their spendings. :)

Happy belated Easter to all, and keep on gaming!


More Updates Again?

Hey all,

Yes, I bring you more updates! As my PS1 collection upload is slowly coming to the end (I probably still have about 30 untested games coming though), I find it's time to move on to the third most requested section... the Sony Playstation 2! Yes, I'll be starting work in re-compressing games for that console to make them available. This section is going to be worse to get online compared to the GameCube section seeing how not only the games are bigger, but there's a hell lot more games to get back online.

So stay tuned, more to come!


PS1 Upload Progress

Heya all!

A quick update: The PS1 section is coming along nicely. You may notice that the uploads don't seem to come in alphabetical order anymore. Reason why: As I'm reuploading games that I had in alphabetical order, I'm also testing games I had in a separate folder in parallel. :3

On a second note, the request topic has been reopened again, so feel free to start posting games you're looking forward to download! Post them here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/476622-playstation-game-request-thread/

Have a look at our PS1 downloads either on the new link I added recently in the menu on the left, or just by clicking here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/forum/264-sony-playstation/



Minor Update

Hey all,

I've added a few new quick links to the side menu of the main site. Notice how some of the Download Center sections and all of the DGEmu Radio sections are now accessible from it! This is just to avoid too many clicks from the lazy people~ :3

PS1 uploads to be continuing, I've reacher letter M in alphabetical order of what I have tested. More to come as time passes!



Site Updates!


Time for more news! You'll be glad to know that the PS1 section uploads are going smoothly. Currently, games I have in my library up until Final Fantasy VII and VIII that have been tested (in alphabetical order) are all online! So go grab them while they're still hot out of the oven: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/forum/264-sony-playstation/

Second part of the news, the radio section has been updated. Only 3 albums, but one of them is HUMONGOUS. The wait is now over, 3 Mobile Suit Gundam albums are now live! 2 anime soundtracks and 1 game rip, Gundam Musou 3, better known as Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 for the rest of the world!

Listen here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/480784-gundam-30th-anniversary-gundam-songs-145/

Listen here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/480785-psychegundam-fours-counterattack/

Listen here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/480783-gundam-musou-3/

Even more awesome stuff to come, so stay tuned!!


Answers Are Up!

Hey all,

Answers are all up for the second DGEmu Game Music Challenge. Yes, it was one that was much more difficult than the previous, and why the upped earnings if answered correctly!

For those curious about the answers or wanted to know from which game they came from, you can go have a look here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/480584-dgemu-music-challenge-2-shmups/


WIP: PS1 Uploads Coming and Vote for 1st X360

Hey all,

A quick update. I'm working on re-uploading some PS1 games starting this week. This should be a long process, but hey, I'll try to get it done.

On the other hand, I've created a new poll for you to take vote! Yes, it's time to vote for the first Xbox 360 game that should appear in our new download center section. Go have a look here and vote: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/480738-take-vote-for-the-first-x360-game-in-our-dlc/


[MH] Goat Simulator Portable

Hey all,

A quick little update! I've released one of my new projects after a long time of inactivity under my release group... Yes, you got it, the most anticipated 2014 game (ok?) has now been packed to be portable! Ya, quite random, but whatever, it's for the lulz.

Go ahead and get it from our download center here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/480731-mh-goat-simulator-portable/

More normal updates to come soon. :3


Membership Open again

Haven't heard anything from DM or Meru but it seems membership is up and running again (for the moment), hopefully it will stay up ... so quickly join while you can!

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