Nice Live Action Touhou PV

Hey guys!

A quick update, to help one of my fellow Canadians get to know their new live action PV dedicated to our love for Touhou.

Some of you on this site probably know about Touhou, so why not go have a look and see for yourself!


ROMs up to 30MB are now Free for EVERYONE.

Hey guys. After almost 2 months with free 15MB ROMs I've decided to stretch the limits again and double that size.

So now you guys can catch 70% of our NDS section, almost none of the 3DS (see for that) and 99% of the rest of the site..


Not entirely sure what path dgemu will take as PayPal freezed our account and won't let us take donations but until we decide, you guys should enjoy some dg-awesomeness ;)

DGEmu Radio Update!

Hey all!

It's about time an update came to that section. Hand-picked songs from Johnny's agency, this album will be dedicated to all boy bands, towards possibly all fangirls out there? Doesn't mean guys can't enjoy them though. :)

So head on to the download center to download them / listen to them!


Listen here:


Looking for Steam donations! STEAM GIVEAWAY COMING SOON!

First of all Happy April Fool's Day!

Secondly I assure you the below is NOT an April Fool's joke, it is legit!

Little of you know that DGEmu has a Steam group, we only have 135 members in the group.  So to promote the group and give to the community we will be holding a Steam Giveaway shortly .... and we are looking to have this giveaway be an ongoing event, at least while there are still items to giveaway, so at least a few months.

Meru and myself are contributing to the pot and have already got some donations from Hentai K. and shadowmanwkp to add. But since we want to make this go on for as long as possible we are asking you the members if you would like to donate anything for this event.

Of course not everyone likes to give stuff away for charity for free so we are offering DPs and/or GPs for the item/s you offer.  The DPs/GPs we award you will be based on the cost of the item/game you are donating. Not only that but your donation will be recognised, I will make a topic listing all the items up for grab, who donated it, about the item/game, etc.

Possible donations include all items you can find in your Steam Inventory; Steam Cards, Steam Gifts (games), activation redeem codes, items from CS:GO, TF2, BattleBlock Theatre, DotA 2, etc. Not limited to items on Steam but Humble Bundle redeem codes as well. Donations can be as cheap as a few cents for fully priced games!

If you haven't got Steam then what is stopping you? Get it now!  You can always grab a bargain there and if your not a member of our group then join! When the giveaway occurs you will have to be a member of the group so do it now rather then later!

If this has interested you at all and you wish to donate something please offer me a trade in Steam AND be sure to include a message with your DGEmu name and/or link to your DGEmu profile so your recognition can be acknowledged (not everyone has the same name of DGEmu and Steam)!

If you have an questions or would like to know how many DPs/GPs you gift is worth you can PM Meru or myself, or better yet leave a comment here, so others will get the gist of approximately how much they will earn.

PS1 Section Reupload: Take 3?


Just letting your guys know I'm working on the reupload of the PS1 section. Seeing how the upload sites have evolved a bit, I am working on recompressing the files into 1 file per disc. Not only will this save you guys a few clicks to get a file, it'll save me some time posting the links up.

Hopefully, this time, the files will be more permanent and won't die as fast. Just be patient as I'm going in alphabetical order of what I have already tested and confirmed working. :3


Free Downloads For EVERYONE..

Every file which is 15MB or below can now downloadable by everyone (guests included)!  If you're a member, downloading such files will not decrease you download points at all, and if u're a guest - well u can just go on and download them as you wish.. 

We're making first steps into making dgemu no longer "members only" and opening downloads to everyone. I'm going to run some bandwidth measurements and if everything goes well we'll slowly increase this limit, until everything is totally free.. This will enforce us to make some easy decisions - ditching the 3DS section (which anyone can hardly download anything from with the current limits) and potentially the NDS section (or at least minimize it to the smaller games).. it will also revitalize dgemu a bit and make me again enthusiastic about taking care of it and fixing it and maybe even rework on that template I've talked about 3 or 4 years ago (remember this??)

Side note:
okay guys, so as you've probably noticed paypal ditched us once again so we're thinking about some creative ways to gain back profits to pay for everything.. so far I've spent > 125$ from my credit card and another month comes upon us so if there's anyway you can help (paypal, payza, webmoney, pokerstars) let me know.. if u want to send me paypal it's - would rock if u do.. 

Have a great time!
 - Ben (aka Dragons Master - but we can seriously stick with Ben now that I'm almost 30)

Discover Neo Geo with Meru

Hey all!

A little update from nowhere, I've been recently recording quite a few games on Neo Geo for previewing purposes. For those that never tried arcade emulation, you may be missing out on quite a lot of gems. When I was young, the Neo Geo had the games I was most interested in playing, and is always filled with nostalgia when I go back to them.

So to help some people that have no idea what the Neo Geo is, have a look here:

I'll be updating that topic as much as I can to give you guys a good idea of what this console has when it was released in the same time period as the SNES and Mega Drive/Genesis. :)


[MH] Virtua Cop 1 & 2 Portable


Hey all!

Remember back in the good old days at the arcade, you might have landed on those awesome cabinets where you shoot down enemies? And that the same games were released back then onto PC?

Well today, I bring you both Virtua Cop 1 and 2, playable on PC directly from a USB stick if you want!

Head on over here to grab the download and play away:


DGEmu J-Music Compilation 22: New Eastern Sounds of Touhou


Hey all,

Time for a small update, the next music compilation is up for listening and downloading pleasure! Go grab a taste of it in our forums! :)

Listen here:


Discography Update!


Hey all,

With the recent Comiket 87 that passed along, I just updated the post for ENS's discography with 3 albums (1 missing from previous, and 2 from 2014).

Head on over and grab the new downloads!