Happy Cirno Day!!


Hey all

A small update! For any Touhou fans, today marks yet another day for the strongest of them all.

So since I'm here, I decided to award all existing members with ⑨⑨⑨ GPs in commemoration.

Don't understand the reference? Read about it here: http://touhou.wikia.com/wiki/Cirno/Fun_Facts

And here: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Cirno%20Day

~Until a next more serious update, :3


Otakuthon 2014


Heya guys 'n girls!

Quick update, especially interesting for those in the Montreal area. Otakuthon is coming up this weekend, and I'll be personally hosting a panel with 3 other people on Touhou music! For those that don't know, Otakuthon is an anime convention that happens here once per year.

Furthermore, this year, we have the sub-event called Hakurei Shrine Festival, completely dedicated to Touhou Project!

For more information on the even, read up my post here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/481285-hakurei-shrine-maiden-official-otakuthon-2014-sub-event/

For those that may join us, hope we can meet in person at the con!


Minor Bug Fixed in DGEmu Radio

Hey all,

Seems like no one reported this problem, but I recently saw a small bug in DGEmu Radio where the album information would only load a blank page. This issue has been fixed, so you can now click that button to view more information on the albums. :)


Delayed Quiz GP Reward...

Hey all!

A quickie update: Even though my last update promised some time to review and reward GPs within the upcoming few days, I've been completely delayed in my work. Don't worry, I got all of your PMs, just haven't had the chance to reward you guys... There's about a month+ of backlog to do, so I'm really sorry about this.

However, once this is all done, I'll be giving out an extra GP bonus for all the delays. Hopefully I'll get this done by next week, because this week, not only do I have lots of work for overtime, I've also got to prepare for a panel for our Anime convention that is coming up this weekend.

More details to come! Isogashii... isogashii~


[MH] Shogo - Mobile Armor Division Portable

Hey all!

It's been a long while! I've went a bit MIA the past 2 weeks due to being on vacation from work, and having more stuff to take care around my place than normal... sorry about that...

But hey, I'll slowly be returning here, meaning all those GPs for that quiz... I'll be looking at your answers shortly and give out the GPs! And at the same time, I thought: Hey, it's time for me to release another portable game! So here it is, Shogo, one of the classic FPS I played on my PC back in the days, now portable! It's a pretty small download (under 300MB), so go on ahead and get your copy today!


Download here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/481234-mh-shogo-mobile-armor-division-portable/

Memberships Temp Closed

Seems that database problem we had a few months back is ... well back again.  Attempting to create an account gets your an Error message and no membership.  Just letting you know that we know and are looking into it.


Seems to be working again, we have 6 new members!

New Quiz Live!

Hey all,

Well, I've worked quite quickly to put this new music quiz live! And here it is!
Simply listen to classic NES music and tell me the title of the game and earn tons of GPs, like usual~

So waste no time and get to it, this quiz is live now until August 31st 11:59PM EST with a possibility of 25K GPs!

Challenge this quiz here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/481192-dgemu-music-challenge-4-nes-music/


Hey all!

Well, I've been more busy than I thought as of late, and trying to find a few moments to relax from all the work by playing a bit of Counter-Strike Global Offensive from time to time...

Anyways, after all this long awaited time, I've finally finished giving out all the GPs I owed the members for the last DGEmu Music Challenge based on Mega Man music. The answers are also up, so make sure to check them out here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/481096-dgemu-music-challenge-3-megaman/

A new quiz is in the makes (it's actually almost ready), and the earnings will be almost as great! (It's a max of 25K GPs instead of 30K for a perfect quiz).

Look forward to it soon!


DGEmu E-Music Compilation 1 - The Alternate World

Hey all,

It's been a long while, but I've finally compiled the latest DGEmu Radio album, shifting from the traditional Japanese music to English this time, making it the first of its kind! This albums brings you a variety of music styles, all in one, but with a bit more focus on alternative! So go on ahead, and enjoy listening to some music (and downloading it if you want.)

Listen here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/481178-dgemu-e-music-compilation-1-the-alternate-world/

Until next update!


[MH] GGPO 0.30.0 - Collection

Hey all!

It's been a while, but I've been busy in the background compiling something special for you. For those that were fans of the arcade, I brought the Kawaks 1.63 Collection to the people! Today, for those that enjoy those arcade games and matchmaking online with the reliability of GGPO, I present to you the latest compilation based on GGPO 0.30.0 using Final Burn Alpha! The emulator is all pre-configured, a simple create a GGPO account if you don't have one, login, and challenge people from around the world!

Fresh out of the oven, go and grab it while you can here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/481151-mh-ggpo-0300-collection/

Until next update!


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