[MH] Starcraft - Brood War Portable

Hey all!

Guess what? Today is actually my birthday, but unlike usual birthdays, I'm not the one receiving gifts. Instead, I present to y'all my gift!! A game I've spent countless hours playing during my childhood on my 56k connection. Indeed, it's Starcraft Brood War! Yes, my second portable release to the Internet is this classic RTS that you can now bring around anywhere with you on your thumbdrive!

So don't hesitate, head on over to our download center and download it now! It's open for even unregistered users. :3

You can find the download here: http://www.dgemu.com/forums/index.php/topic/480949-mh-starcraft-brood-war-portable/

On a side note, there's a few more Gamecube games online, and there's a few more coming your way! Stay tuned~


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Emexeria (04/25/2014 06:01PM)

Awesome :D

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