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Hey all,

I thought it was about time to post this: A brand new quiz to get you going on earning a whole bunch of GPs! This time around, I decided to select boss battle themes from a variety of Megaman games. A simple quiz to guess which game it comes from and on which console that version of the track comes from! If you're a major fan of Megaman, I'm pretty sure you can earn the maximum of GPs out of this quiz, which is a big whooping 30000 GPs!

This event will be held for more than a month, up until June 30th 2014 at 11:59PM EST, so make sure to participate before then to get your earnings!

Take the challenge here:



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Channel28 (05/17/2014 11:45AM)

*Shazam's all the answers*!!

Kirie Motoba (05/24/2014 07:34AM)

Early in the quiz, and 2 users have already have a perfect answer sheet submitted!

Congratz to both Laytruce and Dilbez on your perfect score, 30k GPs, and award!

Keep the submissions coming!

Nasty Haker (06/30/2014 09:37PM)

I missed 4 for sure (8-10-17-18), pretty confident about the others but we'll see! I just couldn't guess those 4 or find them.. I think I had a brain fart lol

Kirie Motoba (07/01/2014 09:36PM)


Well, the time is up, I will be revising them all soon. It seems there was a sudden outburst of answers from many users at the last minute of the event. XD

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