Gameboy Color (GBC) ROMs List

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# Country ROM Name Rating Size D/Ls DL Size
1050 Germany Ottifanten - Kommando Stoertebecker
8MBit 75 0.27MB
1003 Japan Oshare Nikki
16MBit 67 0.54MB
0864 Japan Oishii Cake Okusan
8MBit 63 0.24MB
0639 Europe O'Leary Manager 2000
8MBit 100 0.21MB
0615 Japan Ojarumaru Tsukiyogaike
16MBit 47 0.67MB
0561 Japan Ojarumaru
8MBit 60 0.27MB
0402 Japan Owari Yoiko N.G Dou - Oyaji Sagashite 3 Choume
8MBit 60 0.46MB
0379 Europe Oddworld Adventures 2
8MBit 533 0.47MB
0262 Japan Othello 2000
8MBit 86 0.17MB
0114 Japan Ohasta Yamachan & Reimondo
2MBit 61 0.07MB
0085 Japan Oodorobou Jing Devil
8MBit 138 0.53MB
0084 Japan Oodorobou Jing Angel
8MBit 146 0.53MB

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