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Country ROM Name [!] [A] [T] [B] [O] D/Ls DL Size
USA Rush'n Attack [T+Swe1.0_TheTranslator] 20 0.06MB
Europe Rygar 150 0.07MB
USA Rygar 959 0.07MB
Unknown Rygar 11 0.08MB
Unknown Rygar 9 0.07MB
USA Rygar 94 0.07MB
Europe Rygar [T+Fre] 9 0.07MB
USA Rygar [T+Gre1.0_Lugia_13gr] 8 0.07MB
USA Rygar [T+Ita1.0_Otacon] 11 0.07MB
USA Rygar [T+Spa99%_Kale_1942] 23 0.07MB

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