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1942 (JU): Reviews

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Game Score: 1/10

1942 is the NES version of the high claimed arcade classic from 1984. Although this version was released a year later it cannot match up with the original in neither way.

The gameplay is horrible in comparison to the original. The only thing what makes a shooter like this a good game yet is the gameplay. The original game has the same concept but if you give it a try on the M.A.M.E. (Beware, Classic Lovers only!!!) you will see the smooth and slightly the gameplay feel as you manouver the WWII aircraft through the sky shooting at your enemies. Even the proyetiles you shoot seem to fly with elegance through the screen. But in this NES version this feeling is vanquished by a sticky hard gameplay. Seems that this is the hardcore version to the arcade.
There is another thing to note and it's the same worst stuff at the arcade. You are the WWII Ace Pilot shooting down all this enemy aircraft and as you expect the bullets of your plain flows straight north through the screen with no chance to escape in other directions, without the chance to change the shot (3-way shot for example). Ladies and Gentlemen, this is boring.
Another thing that got to do with it is the damn hard difficulty. The game difficulty maybe wouldn't be so hard if the designers would have spend some useful extra weapons. I mean, the enemies came out all over the screen, yes, all the directions, even behind you! And the only thing you can do is shooting straight forward. The enemies fly circles arround you and can shoot at you from every nanometre on the screen and it doesn't matter where the hell you are hiding. So you have to move your plain even to shoot down an enemy because you only can shoot straight ahead and the plain is so damn slow. The plain is so slow that during the attempt to follow and shoot an enemy another aircraft shoots you and you cannot avoid the enemies proyectile because the half of the screen is a way to short for a saving reaction.

But well, you don't have smart bombs in this game but you can fly loops and land where you want for avoiding trouble, but you'll need tons of them if you want to reach the 32th stage. If you got there having passed all the 31 stages before, please call the centre for world saving heroes and earn your medal. God, this is a hard game.

Now to the graphics. It is a NES game so what do you expect. In 1985 the graphics on NES were not state of the art but hey, there are designers who have done better. What will you see all over the game? Well it's the Pacific War from the view of an airplane. You'll will see a lot of blue water and maybe sometimes an isle with yellow beach and green jungle. Furthermore you'll see a lot of planes and different types of them, big, small, very big, green, white. Where are all the warships? What about anti aircraft on the isles? What about some tanks? In all wargames there are tanks, ships and aircraft why not in this game, it supposed to be a damn high claimed arcade classic, for what?

The sound effects and music (if I can that terrible noises call so) are just one of the worst I've heard on a NES Games. What a shame!!! If you even want to take a look on the game, please turn off the volume. Because if you play this game, with all i've told you, and you want to play it with this horrible pheep and phuup and pkzew effects you'll become an autentic crazy manic gamer. The soundtrack is not composed, it's patetic. It's a military marsh but without military noises, god. What the hell have they done.

So don't say I haven't warn you.

Best regards

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