Wonderswan and Wonderswan Color ROMs List

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Country ROM Name [!] [B] [H] D/Ls DL Size
Public-Domain #Wonderwitch Promo Beta Demo by Dox 179 0.01MB
Public-Domain #Wonderwitch Promo Demo by Dox 53 0.01MB
Public-Domain #Wonderwitch Promo Demo V1.2 by Dox 37 0.01MB
Public-Domain #Wonderwitch Promo Demo V1.3 by Dox 45 0.01MB
Public-Domain #Wonderwitch Promo Demo V1.4 by Dox 66 0.01MB
Public-Domain #Wonderwitch Promo Demo Vx.x by Dox 52 0.01MB
Japan Alchemist Marie & Elie - Futari no Atelier 20 1.21MB
Japan Alchemist Marie & Elie - Futari no Atelier 207 1.21MB
Japan Anchor Field Z [M] 52 0.40MB
Japan Anchor Field Z [M][f1] 22 0.40MB
Japan Another Heaven - Memory of those Days 116 1.46MB
Japan Arc The Lad - Kijin Fukkatsu 266 3.03MB
Japan Arc the Lad - Kishin Fukkatsu 37 3.01MB
Japan Armored Unit [M] 78 0.16MB
Japan Armored Unit [M] 27 0.16MB
Japan Armored Unit [M][f1] 28 0.16MB
Japan Bakusou Dekatora Densetsu [M] 56 1.48MB
Public-Domain Bank Test by Sir Dragoon 22 0.01MB
Japan Battle Spirit - Digimon Frontier 388 1.32MB
Japan Beat Mania [M] 124 11.27MB
Japan Blue Wing Blitz 27 0.69MB
Japan Blue Wing Blitz [M] 57 0.69MB
Japan Bokan Densetsu Buta Mo O Daterya Doronbou [M] 46 0.70MB
Japan Buffers Evolution [M] 60 0.84MB
Japan Buffers Evolution [M][f1] 23 0.84MB
Japan Card Captor Sakura - Sakura to Fushigi na Clow Card [M] 438 0.81MB
Public-Domain Chaos Demo V1.0 by Charles Doty 22 0.01MB
Public-Domain Chaos Demo V1.1 by Charles Doty 16 0.01MB
Public-Domain Chaos Demo V2.0 by Charles Doty 16 0.01MB
Public-Domain Chaos Demo V2.1 by Charles Doty 29 0.01MB
Japan Chaos Gear - Michibi Kareshi Mono [M] 62 1.08MB
Japan Cho Denki Card Battle Yofu Makai Kikuchi Shugo [M] 33 0.71MB
Japan Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon [M] 235 0.99MB
Japan Chou Aniki - Otoko no Tamafuda [M] 53 0.45MB
Japan Choujikuu Yousai Macross - True Love Song [M] 74 2.02MB
Japan Clock Tower [M] 106 0.98MB
Japan Clock Tower [M] 73 0.98MB
Public-Domain Color Bars Demo by Sir Dragoon 20 0.01MB
Public-Domain Color Scrolling Demo by Charles Doty 18 0.01MB
Public-Domain Color Test Demo by Sir Dragoon 17 0.01MB
Japan Crazy Climber [M] 31 0.04MB
Japan Crazy Climber [M] 51 0.04MB
Japan D's Garage 21 Koubo Game - Tane wo Maku Tori [M] 31 0.14MB
Japan D's Garage 21 Koubo Game - Tane wo Maku Tori [M][f1] 17 0.14MB
Japan Dark Eyes - Battle Gate 8 1.28MB
Japan Dark Eyes - Battle Gate 72 1.29MB
Japan Densha de Go! [M] 41 2.61MB
Japan Densha de Go! 2 [M] 54 3.09MB
Japan Dicing Knight. 928 0.25MB
Australia Digimon - Anode Tamer & Cathode Tamer 1002 1.63MB

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